Modding in DVPet is easy, especially with the newest updates. Most mods can be simply installed by dropping the files into the Mods folder in the game install.

Mods can be anything from different graphics, new adventure maps, new characters and evolutions, to tweaking how the game works.

For a mod to work, it has to have the exact same name (capitalization included) as the file it’s overriding. Most mods you download will have the right name when downloaded.

A small tweak to keep in mind involves changing the speed of the game or cheating by editing the save file.

Editing Saves

By going into your saves files, you can edit each individual save, just by right clicking and opening the file with a text editor. I recommend using a text editor made specifically for code, like Notepad++, but any editor works.

By editing the fourth value, you can change the speed of the game. For example, in the picture above, the game is set to run at the two arrow speed, where 1 second of IRL time is 5 seconds in game.

Editing this value is useful for several reasons. For example, you might want the game to only run twice as fast, instead of five times as fast.

The default speed, at one arrow, has the timeskip function. While this can also be edited, if you don’t want time to pass when the app is off, you can start your file at another speed and then alter this value to reflect real time. For example, start the game at the second speed, and edit the file to change the 5 to a 1. Now the file will be in real time but only when it’s open.

This can also be used as a neat trick to get past the content light baby stages faster, then change the value to a more reasonable speed so you have better control.

Since you can edit anything in the save file, this can also be used to change your Digimon’s stats, remove care mistakes, or cheat in items. Of course, keep in mind that cheating too much will remove all difficulty from the game which might reduce the fun you have playing it. Think of it more like a last resort, or to help you along when you’re learning the ins and outs of the game. And when playing with others, always be honest about editing save files.

If you don’t want the temptation of cheating, the Tournament edition of the game encrypts the files so you can’t edit them by hand.

Notable Mods

A lot of mods can be found through a thread on With the Will or in the official Discord.

Lammergeier’s Colorization Mod (Color sprites for UI and Digimon)
Eiji’s Custom Shell Colors Mod ( Recolors based off the default game shell, plus a tool in the form of a PSD file that lets you easily make your own recolors.)
Discord Community Graphics Replacement (A Google Drive folder to collect graphic mods)